Our passions live in these waters

It’s more than just an oyster. It’s a crafted experience – made by Mother Nature and hand-raised by dedicated ranchers who call the water their home and office. Together, we are reviving our local environment through sustainable practices and techniques that give more than they take. We are building a future for our community by cultivating the next generation of oystermen. We love what we do, and the truth is in the taste.

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Our Signature Oyster, The Panacea Pearl.

Our oysters

Panacea has long been known to produce some of the world's best oysters, and we've taken it to the next level. Our oysters uphold the unique taste qualities of the natural environment, which yields an oyster that embodies the perfect balance of salty and sweet. Our ranching process produces a product that is naturally clean, meatier and easier to shuck. The first time you get one, you'll taste the difference.


Our process

We like to think of ourselves as ranchers because our techniques are closely aligned with those of traditional agriculture. Our oysters are grown in their natural environment—the water of Spring Creek, Florida—in cages strung throughout the full water column. This technique provides exposure to a higher quality food source, limits losses to predators and gives a constant tumbling with the tides. The results is an oyster that upholds the sought-after flavor of the regional waters, that is also meaty, sediment-free and perfect for every palate.

Our community

These waters are our backyard, and the people who live on and around them are our neighbors. Next to oysters, our community is where our heart lies. We believe our work will resurrect a community built on the oyster industry by growing it to be the single largest oyster ranch operation in Florida. These efforts work to cultivate a healthy environment while serving as an economic driver to reinvigorate commerce for our community.

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The Panacea Oyster Co-Op began wholesale operations October 1. To place an order or arrange a visit to the leases, contact our ranch at 1-850-378-1000.